Tentang Aku, diriku & saya


i am is who i am, i dont care what people sayz bout me.

name : wandi

height : 170 cm

weight : (secret)kg

etnies : indonesia (palembang)

religion : moeslim

age : 29

hobby : playing game, chating, browsing, walking, hangout, talking, listning to music, watching movie, sleeping, do anything that feel good for me.

dreams : make people that cares for me smiling

” smile to other dont wait till they smile at u, spread the love dont wait till love come to u, always giving dont wait till someone give it to u, be nice n treat them like they ur family, dont waste ur tears for someone who dont care for u, make a new friend but dont forget the old ones, be a best friend for other, sincerely is come from the heart not from the face, dont judge peope bcoz they diffrent but honor them bcoz their diffrences, not all the things can be discribe but sometimes something just happen like that, people cant see what is inside someone heart but they can feel it ”


2 Responses to “Tentang Aku, diriku & saya”

  1. Gan mau nanya nih
    klo motor smash 110cc pasang step gantung(step belakang) bsa gk ga ya ? C0z step nya pake underbone
    Mohon pencerahannya gan..
    Makasih gan sbelumnya

    • ßίsa gan, tp musti ϑί bkin pegangan dl buat foot step na, ente musti ngelas lg gan.

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